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Arte di Frontiera New York Graffiti

Arte di Frontiera New York Graffiti

250 EUR

135 pages
Text by Francesca Alinovi, Tony Shafrazi, Roberto Daolio & Marilena Pasquali
22.9 x 21.0 cm
Language: Italian/English
Edition: Nuove Edizioni Gabriele Mazzotta
ISBN 88-202-0555-6

Despite its importance, the project Arte di Frontiera New York Graffiti remains overshadowed by its Dutch counterpart, the exhibition Graffiti organized at Rotterdam's Boymans-van Beuningen Museum in 1983. The primary reason for its relative disappearance is without a doubt the death of Francesca Alinovi (1948-1983), the art critic who brought American graffiti to the Italian public starting in 1980 through her articles for several magazines.  Arte di Frontiera marks the completion of her research and her New York encounters. The project was finished by Marilena Pasquali and Roberto Daolio (1948-2013), but as a posthumous homage, the only texts reproduced in the catalogue were Alinovi's own. Beyond its author's passing, the influence of the project has been hindered by the complexity of the analysis offered by her criticism. While the Rotterdam exhibit pulled together graffiti artists more-or-less exclusively, Alinovi attempted to reconstruct an overarching vision of New York's creative scene, inviting as many graffiti artists to Bologna – including A One, Lee Quinones, Rammellzee, Crash, Toxic, Daze and Futura 2000 – as she did artists working on the urban stage and trained in New York's art schools, such as John Ahearn, Basquiat, Ronnie Cutrone, Richard Hambleton, Keith Haring, Justen Ladda and Kenny Scharf. 

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