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BWNC - Beer Waiting Needle Caps Crew│Print & Catalog

150 EUR
Freightprints I
60cm x 42cm
Uncoated paper by IGEPA 120gr
acrylique spray & acrylique paint

This print series was realized in collaboration by Aris, Anders Reventlov and Jens Besser. The artists covered some parts of freighttrains with papers before they started to paint on them. After the finishing of sprayworks, the papers were taken off the train. In Bessers studio the artists printed the final layer. The process is documented in the accompanying BWNC Catalogue.
Because of the conditions for painting freights - working outside, sticking the paper to a rusty train with a strong tape, transporting the prints in a bag out of the yard, the artists decided to use a bright white industrial paper. On the one hand the paper saves all the dirt from the action, on the other hand it was lighter, otherwise it would be to heavy for freight painters bag. Each work looks different and has traces of the rough yardwork.


36 pages
20.7 x 15 cm
Language : English
Edition of 300

Aris from Italy, Anders Reventlov from Denmark, Vilx from France and Jens Besser from Germany are BWNC. "Beer, Waiting, Needle Caps" stands for an afternoon spent together behind bars with no lack of beer, needle caps and a lot of time. Only spray-cans were missing, so artists waited in vain for the most important materials.
After the "realese" their paths went separate ways, but the idea of the crew continued to exist. In 2016 the decision to realize a first BWNC exhibition was made. The first reunion took place at the exhibition space Hole Of Fame in Dresden, Germany.
The group show ran from 29th April till 7 th May 2016. During the period of the show Aris, Anders Reventlov and Jens Besser did interactions inside and outside of the exhibition space. Later that year Vilx visited Dresden and realized works in public space, too.
This catalogue gives an overview into actions that took place during the exhibition process and documents the most important works of BWNC in and around Dresden.