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Cans Festival Catalog

50 EUR

40 pages
20.9 x 14.8 cm
Language: English

In 2008, over the 3–5 May weekend, Banksy hosted in London an exhibition called The Cans Festival, which was situated on Leake Street, a road tunnel underneath Waterloo station. He invited thirty-nine artists from around the world to join in and paint their own artwork, as long as it did not cover anyone else's.
This rare booklet/zine, titled Stencil Art Street Battle, is a really must-have for every Banksy's fan. It documents the spirit of the Cans Festival, featuring works by contributing artists such as Banksy, Faile, Dirty Mark, Logan Hicks, Coolture, Altocontraste, Schhh & Oscar Wilde, Ruby Purchase, tom Civil, Dave Eggers, M-City, Roadsworth, Brian Haw, Simon Munnery, Run Dont Walk, John Grider, Penny Rimbaud, Gee Vaucher, Sam 3, Daniel Melim, Adam Bloom, Inquisitor Stanley Donwood, Pure Evil, Jim Carey, Josh, Filthy Luke and many others.