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Cope 2│True Legend (1st Edition)

Cope 2│True Legend (1st Edition)

200 EUR

272 pages
29.6 x 21.4 cm
Language: English/French
ISBN: 978-2952006804

True Legend is a fascinating insight into the art, style, attitude and reasoning behind Cope 2, one of New York's best and most prolific graffiti artists. He is also well known for his fantastic wall-productions where he brings the most famous graffiti writers together and for demonstrating in 1999 that it was still possible to paint New York trains despite media hype that subway graffiti was dead.
Published first in 2003 by The Righters, True Legend has been republished in 2005 by From Here to Fame. It contains a long interview, both in English and French, and different overviews on his tags and throw-ups style, the trains that he painted before and after "the death of graffiti on subway cars", his pieces on walls with foreign writers visiting New York and those made en Germany and France during his travels.