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Intifada Rap

35 EUR
250  pages
Text by Pierre Mérimée & Jascques Denis
21,5 x 28 cm 
Edition of 1000
Language: English/French 
ISBN: 978-2-37192-002-6 

Plunged into the heart of the Palestinian hip hop scene, Intifada Rap testifies to the incredible strength of this musical movement, from the suburbs of Tel Aviv to Ramallah. This book proposes a new breakthrough in the daily life of a youth confronted with misery, violence and rejection, and struggling, despite everything, to escape the fate that is imposed on him. Intifada Rap traces the day-to-day life of these young people who are hungry for a long time and to whom hip hop is more than an escape.

Through the testimonies and pictures of their trip in 2006, Pierre Mérinée and Jacques Denis paint a portrait of a post-Intifada generation, the Palestinian uprisings that marked the region in 1987 and 2000. They followed during their journey three rappers from the DAM group, as well as Mahmoud Shalabi from the MWR group, the girls of Arapyot but also some veterans like Said Mourad: voice of the first Intifada. Intifada rap echoes an essential demand for this youth: to be heard and to exist.