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250 EUR

51 pages
Texts by Annick Rivoire and Invader
22 x 22 cm
WITHOUT stickers
Language: French
Edition: Galerie Le Feuvre
ISBN: 978-2918330110

Invader has been putting up vibrant mosaic installations based on the pixelated forms of the eponymous characters from the classic 80's video game for over a decade now. Cities around the world bear the mark of "invasions"; rewarding observant passersby with his mini exhibitions, and literally going over the heads of everyone else.
In 2011, the artist has decided to celebrate his 1000th invasion of Paris, with an exhibition at La Générale (June 7th-July 2nd). The show, organized by the Galerie Le Feuvre, offered a general overview of his art, from his "alias" - the pieces that he pasted up - to his Rubikcubism period, during which he realized artworks made of Rubik cubes. The speedball machine, an Invader discoball, tons of stickers and the machine to produce Invader's gauffres, are also part of this catalog.