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Invader│L'Invasion de Paris 1.1

300 EUR
224 pages
27.9 x 22.8 cm
Language : English
Edition : Gingko Press 
ISBN : 9782952019934

Space Invader has been putting up vibrant mosaic installations based on the pixilated forms of the eponymous characters from the classic 80's video game for over a decade now. Cities around the world bear the mark of "invasions"; rewarding observant passersby with his mini exhibitions, and literally going over the heads of everyone else.
While most street artists are content to stencil, spray or paint using more or less practical materials, Invader takes things a step further, lugging glass and ceramic tiles and tools of the trade to his installation sites. This world wide infiltration radiates like spokes in a wheel from the original invasions all over the Arrondissements of Paris, home to this obsessively well organized madman.
The book serves dual duty as beautifully executed artist's monograph and a travel guide to the invasion of Paris full of photographs, location maps, complete archive of 500 invasions and an index.
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