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MIRKO REISSER│DAIM : 1989 - 2014

45 EUR
320 pages
32 x 25 cm
Language: English / German
Edition : Drago
ISBN: 978-88-98565-01-6

DAIM is one of the most revolutionary graffiti artists of all time and this book offers the opportunity to experience the most complete and extensive collection of his works to date. In 1989, DAIM sprayed his first piece on a feeder pillar outside of his parent’s house. Now, in Mirko Reisser [DAIM]: 1989 – 2014, he reflects on his fascinating artistic career that has spanned the last 25 years.
By tracing the evolution of his work from illegal street art during his early career to the more recent large scale museum installations, the book offers a never-before-seen insight into the development of the artist through an extensive collection of murals, canvases, sculptures, graphics and tapings. Of the 300 images included in this book, some have never been published whilst others grant an exclusive behind-the-scenes insight into DAIM’s intricate production process.
The artist is one of the “few innovators” in the “versatility of linguistic expression” –Volltext. “More than a name, DAIM is a tool for experimenting with and exploring form, identity, and shapes.” –Font Magazine.“His artwork has mesmerized and conquered both the graffiti world and the mainstream.” -Refused Magazine.
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