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One United Power│I am 1UP

32 EUR

136 pages
22 x 30 cm 
Language : English 
Edition : Gingko
ISBN: 978-3-939566-41-0

1UP – One United Power is a name that evokes a multitude of emotions in the graffiti scene, from respect and admiration to envy, competitiveness, and even inspiration. They appeared on the scene nearly a decade ago, their name appearing all over Berlin in small subway tags as well as large-scale blockbusters and pieces on walls, skyscrapers and trains; nothing has been safe from this crew since! Now, in response to out-of-control demand all over social media, their self-published book “I AM 1UP” has been released by Publikat for distribution worldwide. The 140 pages are filled with impressive photography documenting how and why 1UP has become a world-wide phenomenon, and how they have upheld their motto: “Because I am whatever you say I am — I am 1UP.”

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