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Panico Totale│Pisa Convention 1996 - 2000

18 EUR

96 pages
text by Alessandra Ioalè
Hardcover, with dust jacket
Edition of 500 signed by Etnik and numbered
Language: Italian

Between 1996 and 2000, Panico Totale has been one of the most important European graffiti conventions. It was organized in Pisa and really supported graffiti and hip hop cultures in spreading all around Italy.
As the result of a massive 3 years' research by Alessandra Ioalè, this book now provides 20 interviews with more than 50 writers that have taken part to Panico Totale, as much as a wonderful selection of more than 100 photos of walls, flyers, documents coming from several private archives.
The book comes with a cover reproducing Etnik's visual produced the the 1998 edition of Panico Totale.