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Pochoir à la Une

Pochoir à la Une

80 EUR
112 pages
From an idea of the Nuklé Art group and the Librairie Parallèles
29.6 x 20.9 cm
Language: French
Edition: Editions Parallèles

Pochoir à la Une is the most documented book about stencil art in Paris between 1982 and 1986. Printed in black and white, with a lot of photos and a curated graphic design, it is composed by a long series of interviews - Blek le Rat, Etherno, Epsilon Point, Kriki, Claude Lefebvre aka Carte Postale, Surface Active, Miss Tic, Le Rire du Fou - and by reproductions of anonymous stencils painted in Paris in the 80's. The authors also point out the most sprayed area of the city and give some details about OLGA, the first cleaning unit of the city of Paris.
If Vite fait bien fait,  published by the fashion designer Agnès B., endorsed the same year - 1986 - the
art side of this stencil artists community, 
Pochoir à la Uneis more street-centered and gives an idea of the creativity which spread on Parisian walls.