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Sten & Lek│Stencil Poster

29.90 EUR
96 pages
24 x 17  cm
Language : English
Edition : Drago
ISBN : 978-88-88493-62-6

The seventeenth chapter of Drago’s 36 Chambers Series “Stencil Poster” by Roman artists Sten and Lex showcases the latest developments in their distinctive style through a series of never-before-seen works.
The Roman duo, renowned worldwide for their iconic work both on the street and in various galleries, began working together in 2001. Since then, they have continued to refresh and reinvent the application of their medium by introducing new methods and developing their style from the early days of the “Hole School” to what we see today in the “Stencil Poster” technique. Their innovative approach towards stencil making has received much deserved attention from gallerists, curators, and collectors from around the world and now Drago recognises this talent in its second publication of Sten&Lex’s work.
A brief statement from the artists compliments the eighty-three images in the book with each page presenting the reader with an original piece made exclusively for the publication. These hand cut, hand painted creations depict anonymous portraits reduced to panels of black and white parallel lines.
“Beyond the gallery, the street embodies the inherent decay that relates to stencil art: an image plastered to the wall, painted, then destroyed and swept away by the elements, is the perfect reflection of how we work to peel away ephemeral bandages of black and white. The process, whether indoors or outdoors, creates a life cycle for our work and breathes life into our subjects.” – Sten&Lex
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