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Stencil History X

Stencil History X

90 EUR

218 pages
Texts by Samantha Longhi
15.2 x 20.6 cm
Language: French / English
Edition: Association C215
ISBN: 9782952568227

This a near fine copy of Stencil History X, a book written by  the today editor-in-chief of Graffiti Art Magazine Samantha Longhi, with the fully support of the French stencil artist Christian Guémy alias C215. It traces the history of the stencil technique since the 1960s, offering forty portraits of world recognized street artists using stencils around 2005, like Logan Hicks, Orticanoodles , Btoy , Sten & Lex, M-City or Jef Aérosol.
As Stencil Graffiti, published by Tristan Manco in 2002, Stencil Pirates, signed by Josh MacPhee in 2004, Stencil History X is one of the impossible to miss books for discovering how artists has used stencils to conquer the streets during last three decades.
The book doesn't document the travelling exhibition, organized between 2007 and 2008, for promoting its publication in Bagnolet (during the Cosmopolite festival), Mulhouse, Brighton, Wien and Barcelona.