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Street Art et Cinéma

Street Art et Cinéma

35 EUR
240 pages
Texts by Stéphanie Martin Petit and Christian Omodeo
28.0 x 23.5 cm
Language: French
ISBN: 9782350174150
Publisher: Pyramyd Éditions

Street art et Cinéma is a tribute to the history of the 7th art through the lens of its representation in street art. The book sweeps over a century of cinema, illustrating the specific iconography of each decade with many images and texts. It also offers a portrait of 6 great street artists particularly inspired by the 7th art, as well as a few pages on the techniques most used in street art. Definitely, a good way to write a new history of cinema from an unusual perspective, as much as a book that reflects the appearance of mass cultures in the art of the XXth century.

There will be a signing session in Paris around October 7. If you prefer to receive a copy signed by both authors, just send us a mail after having ordered the book. We will ship the book around October 10.