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Valenzuela│Welcome Amigos to tijuana. Graffiti on the border

42 EUR

216 pages
22 x 26,5 cm
Language : English / Spanish 
Edition : RM Editorial
ISBN : 978-607-7515-89-0

This book, edited by José Manuel Valenzuela Arce, is a study of graffiti and street calligraphy in the city of Tijuana. It includes texts that explore the concepts used in the interpretation of the border world of acculturation, cross-cultural movement, and rhizomes, analyzing aspects of social, economic, cultural, and artistic life on either side of the border between Mexico and the United States.

Attention is focused on the configuration of national identities and the repertories of identity signs of the border population, on migration, artistic expression, imaginaries, and stereotypes about the border and border people, with an emphasis on the processes occurring to the south of the dividing line.

The volume is enriched by interviews with people active in the graffiti scene in Tijuana and by 150 photographs taken in context.

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