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Vite Fait Bien fait

90 EUR

62 pages
Edited by Nicolas Deville, Marie-Pierre Massé and Josiane Pinet
36 x 26.5 cm
Language: French/English
Edition: Les Partenariales & Editions Alternatives
ISBN: 2862270504

Vite Fait Bien Fait, published in 1986, is one of the most important books documenting the history of stencil art in Paris and in France during the 80's. The cover is designed by Jef Aérosol, who proposed also its name, which literally means "quickly and well" and was used also for the stencil exhibition at Galerie Agnès B. in Paris, organized the same year as the book.
The book, realized thanks to Agnès B., Daniel Mallerin and Jean-Philippe Mallet, is richly illustrated with more that one hundred street interventions, mostly in colors. It gives an overview on a quite important group of stencil artists of the 80's, like Jef Aérosol, Miss Tic, Blek le Rat, Midnight Heroes, MixMix, Speedy Graphito, Epsilon Point, Le Rire du Fou, Marie Rouffet and Nemo.
The front cover is slightly folded. Otherwise, the book is in excellent condition.
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