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30 EUR

144 pages
Texts by Nina Bassoli, Peter Bengtsen, Anna Cestelli Guidi, Pia Lauro, Samantha Longhi, G. Matta, Franco Ottavianelli, Emanuela Pigliacelli and Lucie Touya
33 x 22 cm
Edition of 400
Language: Italian/English
ISBN: 978-88-97996-15-6

Limitless is the second of two catalogs - next to Private and Confidential - edited by Wunderkammern, a Roman urban art gallery that has recently opened a new space in Milan. It summarizes the work of several artists, amongst which Sam3, L'Atlas, Sten Lex, Alexey Luka and 2501 around the concept of limit in its diverse forms and manifestations. From territorial frontiers that divide a single interconnected environmental system, to the physical and intangible perimeters of our body and mind. From social boundaries that define the accepted and the unaccepted, to emotional mechanisms that often lead us to set short-sighted objectives. 
Gallery's catalogs normally reproduce the artworks that have been shown during an exhibition. They give an overview on an entire series of artworks and allow collectors and fans to better understand the work of an artist. Private and Confidential, as much as Limitless, go beyond, as they reproduce critical essays by art historians, journalists and architects that have been always very attentive to urban art practices, next to important set of photos not only of the artworks shown, but also of the artists at work both in studio and public space.