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Suma Pinta - Cosmovisiones de Yagé


48 pages 
Edited by Infinies
13 x 10,5 cm
Language: Spanish
Publisher: Editions Infinies
Edition of 100 copies

In indigenous language, Suma Pinta means "beautiful visions". They are the visions given by the plant named Yagé, that is the center of the traditionnal medicine of this Amazonian border community. Inside this one, the craftmen and plant specialists are the guardian of the ancestral culture. They are numerous to express their dreeams with big fluo coloured paintings, on canvas, or on the little local city walls.

Andrés Chasoy is one of the chamans of the community and his cosmovisions are obverse of the surrounding esthetic. He keeps his drawings with love in little notebooks modestly drawn with grey pencils. He never looked for buyers, or any profit, but during our last visit, he entrusted us with the idea to spread them wider. We collected them with lot of respect and make it exist today, as modestly, in their real size, in this little book which cover was hand-embossed for our care and then binded by our friend Alice with her sewing machine.