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Abandoned China - Book One


207 pages
Text(s) by Greg Abandoned
Photograph(s) by Greg Abandoned
27.5 x 21.5 cm 
Language: English
Publisher: Jonk Editions

This book is an album of pictures and stories from abandoned locations, collected from over 3 years of exploring in China from 2018 to 2021. Greg Abandoned visited almost every Chinese province from Inner Mongolia in the North to Yunnan in the South with over 100 cities, towns and villages in-between. Even if he did want to tell you about them, he could hardly remember all the names. His over all experience was positive…but there’re always exceptions.

As an urban explorer it’s almost impossible not to get yourself in trouble. He was arrested, chased by the dogs, chased by security-guards and interrogated for over ten hours when he was mistaken for a spy! He jumped fences, clambered onto abandoned ships, climbed walls (and many times fell off them) and walked along the ancient track of an old rollercoaster. He has been bruised, bloodied and almost broken more than a few bones. He flew his drone over beautiful vistas, he took photographs of modern ruins, all as he explored forbidden, forgotten, beautiful places.

In this book he picked his favorite and most memorable places and he divided them into different sections (power plants, ships, planes, trains, hospitals, schools, hotels, theatres, movie sets, ghost towns and many more).