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Fabio Sgroi - Chronicles of the Newspaper L’Ora Palermo 1985–1988


116 pages
Text(s) by Fabio Sgroi
Photograph(s) by Fabio Sgroi
29.7 x 21 cm
Language: Italian, English
Publisher: Union Editions
Edition of 300 copies

"I remember those years as a really bloody historical moment. The atmosphere in the city was heavy because the murders were no longer contained within mafia circles, but had begun to extend beyond, to the world of politics and the business community. To give you an idea: a few years before, early one morning, I was walking to the bus that I took to go to school when I stumbled across a lifeless body lying face down on the deserted street. It was the victim of a typical mafia execution.

I was twenty years old when I began collaborating with L’Ora." -Fabio Sgroi