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Aryz - Pugna

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176 pages
Text(s) by Nicolas Couturieux, Stéphanie Lemoine, Susana Gállego Cuesta and Guillaume Lasserre
25 x 20.5 cm
Language: English, French
Publisher: Self-published
Edition of 3000 copies

Pugna gathers what Aryz considers his biggest project till date. In 2019 he had the chance to prepare three big exhibitions in France, under the overall name of ‘Pugna´, which means opposition, rivalry between peoples, nations, parties or groups, especially of ideological type. It all started with an installation at Rouen's St. Eloi, a 16th century temple, followed by a show that took place at Hangar 107 also in Rouen. The second show was in Paris organized by Nicolas Couturieux, and a last one happened at the incredible Beaux Arts museum of Nancy.

This book compiles all the works that were shown in these three spaces, as well as some extra that weren't exhibited. Besides pictures of the works, the book collects images of the exhibition spaces, of the installation from St. Eloi and some process pictures and sketches of some of the pieces.

The book will have introductory texts by Nicolas Couturieux & Stephanie Lemoine, together with some deeper texts by the art critic Guillaume Lasserre and Nancy's Beaux Arts museum director, Susana Gállego Cuesta. For the design, Aryz partnered with Solo, that they will make of this book a piece of art by itself.