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FREE SHIPPING in France from €100. Europe from €150.

Burn & Learn


30 pages
Edited by Bregje van Woensel & Henry G. Overbeek
31.5 x 24 cm
Language: English
Hardback, cardboard pages
Publisher: Design Total
Edition of 500 copies

A copy in good condition of Burn & Learn, one of the most searched graffiti books of the 2000s. Please note that the book is in general good condition, but the front and back covers have both slightly marks on them.

The writers featured in this publication were personally selected by the editors. They were active when the whole phenomenon of graffiti started in Europe in the mid 80’s. All of them are still active today and above all they are friends. Over the years graffiti has become fashionable, appearing in music videos, packaging and clothing. It has turned into applied aesthetics. The way it is depicted in the media and even in exhibitions gives us an incomplete picture of the true phenomenon. This publication aims to correct this. Essentially graffiti was and still is about bombing – getting your name up and thereby proving your existence. The act of graffiti is about more than the final result. It is about action, about friendship and respect. It is about facing your fears and showing grace under pressure. And having fun. The graffiti bomber has to outsmart the system. All these factors come into play when painting a piece or tagging. The memory of this action is physically represented by a photo. Each photo contained in this book is selected by the writer himself and expresses his view on what graffiti is all about.