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FREE SHIPPING in France from €100. Europe from €150. Worldwide from € 300



148 pages
Edited by DEM
24 x 17 cm
Language: Italian
Publisher: Zooo Print & Press

ABC is the first anthology book about DEM.

An eclectic artist, DEM is one of the first in Italy to develop a free and independent pictorial dialogue with architecture, starting from graffiti, then moving towards the representation of a symbolic and ancestral world, and then again to reflections on contemporary times.

Estranged from his surroundings, with an instinct for deeper knowledge in a society that on the contrary rewards superficiality, impatience and curiosity lead him to take refuge in a remote past, to study the beliefs, myths and cults of ancient civilizations.
The information acquired in sketchbooks, documented by traveling all over the world and living his experiences, lead Dem to establish an increasingly intimate and vital contact with nature through which he develops his poetic message.

From large scale murals, to minute pen drawings, from ceramics to installations, Dem wanders through the wilderness, as well as exploring the peripheral and abandoned urban spaces at the forgotten border of our civilization, collecting materials and ideas for his artworks.