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Does│First 20 years (new edition)

96 pages
Edited by Does
30 x 21 cm
Language: English
Hardcover completed with hot foil stamp in black
Publisher: Does
Edition of 800 signed and numbered copies

To celebrate a 20 year evolution of dedication to style, DOES released a very personal story. This book is filled to the gills with unreleased sketches, stories and drawings.
One of a kind exclusive book based on DOES's original blackbooks. It starts way back showing DOES's earliest sketches from 1997 and goes on to show his most recent, often torn, sketches which are now the basis for his murals and canvasses. Throughout the book you'll find handwritten notes by Does himself and by his father, giving insight into his artistic development and making this book very personal.
Only 800 copies of this book were published. Each book comes signed and numbered by Does.