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68 pages
24.5 x 16.5 cm
Language: English
Publisher: Chemistry Publishing 
Edition of 250 copies

The never ending ''fuck the system'' mentality of the international tag scene is the subject of Escapizm magazine. The public opinion on taggers and the way they represent their name is already a messy discussion since the start of this movement. For some they are scumbag toys and for others they are talented kings. For sure they are focussed on going all-city to keep their names up.
The following taggers are part of the magazine, 2Kiler, Again, Amaze, Bates, Buni, Ces53, Cisto, Cizer, Drax, Dystur, Ewos, Farao, Getme, Gorey, Jake, Kreso, Lead, Marr, Metal36, Mir, Sliks, Spark, Surch, Timer, Tom32, Tomser, Uzi, Xeme and Zenga.