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FREE SHIPPING in France from €100. Europe from €150.

Fuzi - Roma 96

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60 pages
Text(s) by Fuzi
34 x 21 cm
Language: French
Publisher: Editions Infinies
Edition of 100 copies, numbered and signed

This book is a collection of photographs taken by the artist during the summer 1996 in Rome, and that he kept for 25 years in a cheap photo album. This summer trip with a group of friends gave birth to the infamous graffiti crew: UV (Ultra Violent).

The book is all about this month in August, spent camping in the Rome suburbs, stealing, painting subways, smoking weed, drinking cheap beers and harassing the locals. The photos are a mix of graffiti on the subway and traditional souvenir photos. It recreates the carefree teenage years when freedom was a real state of mind. 

The publication was entirely handmade by Éditions Infinies. Using spirals and an atypical large size, to reinterpret the typical travel photo album