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FREE SHIPPING in France from €100. Europe from €150.

Inguine MAH! 2009

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256 pages
26 x 17 cm
Language: Italian
Publisher: Comma 22

Inguine continues to investigate in a form-even richer the wide margins of growth and innovation of comics underground. A territory that moves to the border between visual activism, contemporary art, illustration, the story. This volume contains authors absolutely to know as Dash Shaw, class of '83, or the Austrian Ulli Lust that tells in a light and careful way the transformation of the former GDR.

The investigation of the cities continues, and occupies the section of the stories created by the Italian authors: tell of invisible cities, erased not only from memory, but also from geography and thought maps.

Then appear names now of worship such as Max Andersson, John Porcellino and many other international designers who are part of the large group of activity that does not yield to visual banality, to TV chatter, but what accounts- continues to stun the eyes with ambi-stories and restless. Rational logic does not leads the narrative thread of the stories that come from the Balkans: these are imaginary that feeds rather on punk nonsense and irony, elements that we find present in the work of the north-co Matti Hagelberg.

A particular project, curated by Giuseppe Palumbo and Daniele Brolli, is dedicated to Hands Off Cain: the pencils of some of the best authors of Italian comics deal with the theme of death penalty by carrying out a condemnation to human barbarity without
easy rhetoric.