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Jocko Weyland - Egg Strike On Orchard


48 pages
Text(s) by Jocko Weyland
Photograph(s) by Jocko Weyland
Designed by Charlotte de Mezamat
21 x 15 cm
Language: English
Publisher: Dashwood Books
First edition of 500 copies

"On a mild, breezy fall night in 1991, Jeff Pang, Ivan Perez, Harold Hunter, and Peter Huynh graciously allowed a slightly older fellow traveler to tag along with a Pentax K-1000 loaded with a single roll of Kodak EPL 5075 color slide film. Documenting the revolutionary aspects of the nascent street style, as passerby, Johnny Pumps, copious tags, and the imitable COST and REVS lurked in the background. A two-hour outing from Bleecker and Broadway over to Lafayette, down to Ray’s on Prince for a slice, then to Orchard where the egg attack of the title took place. When excavated three decades later turned out there were all of 12 slides left, the rest of the roll having been discarded along the way. No matter, a dozen is enough to get it all across, the exploits of four talented and mischievous teenagers, who along with their chronicler were caught up in a mixture of unprecedented physical action and exhilarating stimuli surging through Lower Manhattan. A succinct record of a now fabled and pioneering point in history, a vivid and streetlight-hued portal to departed era before the then-unimaginable onslaught of popularization, monetization, and ubiquity. Egg Strike on Orchard brings together contemporary drawings based on these thirty year-old pictures, a long-form essay viscerally and contemplatively evoking that era, and the photographs at the core of this alternately vibrant and ruminative account of an instant in time whose participants were blithely unaware and unconcerned with the future.” ―Jocko Weyland