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FREE SHIPPING in France from €100. Europe from €150.

Noches Fieras Savage Nights 1970/2017

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288 pages
Edited by Alexis Fabry
32 x 23 cm
Language: Spanish, English
Publisher: Toluca Éditions + RM

The Latin American night harbors the fears, the cries, the violence of the outlaws and of the State. The urban fever finds in them the vestiges of ancient civilizations, ruined by greed and sickness. This book compiles some of the most iconic images of those photographers who entered the night of the Latin American continent.

The night intoxicates, turns rowdy, dislocates: theexcess of mezcal, tequila, pisco, cachaça, spirits, beer... The bodies of the drinkers are transformed into battlefields. The night, in the Latin American city as nowhere else, lends itself to partying, whether to exhibit or to conceal oneself, whether to exacerbate one's identity through ostentation or to escape from the ugliness of daily life through crossdressing.