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Marco KayOne Mantovani │Quattordio Urban Art

172 pages
Text(s) by Marco KayOne Mantovani and Alessandro Paolo Mantovani
24 x 24 x 1.5 cm
Language: Italian/English
Publisher: Stradedarts

In 1984, the village of Quattordio hosted the first Italian event dedicated to Graffiti Writing, inviting some of the most important New York pioneers of this artistic expression: Delta 2, Ero, Phase 2 and Rammellzee. A trace of these memorable days has remained indelible on a wall in the town center. This is the starting point for QUA - Quattordio Urban Art, which in 2017 celebrated the legacy of the enlightened ones with the new generations creating ten walls with some of the best-known Italian representatives of this language/art: Airone, Ericsone, Flycat, KayOne, Mr.Wany, Napal Naps, Ores, Rendo, Tawa, Zeus and a work of art, to continue the road indicated in 1984, by inviting Kool Koor to paint, friend of the kids and historical ambassador of New York Old School. Nessuna Frontiera collects the historical volume created on the first American Graffiti event, when it all began, and what happened during the first QUA edition - Quattordio Urban Art. Past, present and future of Quattordio.