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Ronald Pizzoferrato - Caracas Nuestra

70 pages
Photos by Ronald Pizzoferrato
24 x 16.5 cm 
Language: Spanish, English
Publisher: Éditions Nuit Noire
Edition of 200 copies

Photographer and graffiti artist Ronald Pizzoferrato presents in Caracas Nuestra a set of photographic archives born from his first trips in the ultra-supervised and secure metro of the Venezuelan capital. It offers an intimate vision of a Caracas that few people know and which it compares to a Pandora's box : this unique underground network, orderly, aligned, crawling, contrasts with the city above and offers an endless playground, hitherto never explored or vandalized. These images testify to the beginning of a phenomenon born secretly, in total darkness and the most complete anxiety. This Caracas Nuestra, only understood by caraqueños and these passionate graffiti artists, is an underground city even more dangerous than the surface.