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FREE SHIPPING in France from €100. Europe from €150.

ShaOne - Remixed Media 1980-2020


300 pages
Edited by Michele Pesce, ShaOne
Text(s) by Michele Pace, Salvatore Pope Velotti, Speaker Censor, Kaf, Eno, Simone Cavagnuolo aka Dj Simi, Artisan aka Franky B and Luca Zeus40 Caputo
24 x 16.5 cm
Language: Italian, English
Publisher: ShowDesk

Remixed Media 1980-2020 collects archive materials from 40 years of production by Paolo Romano aka ShaOne: one of the pioneers of graffiti writing in Italy. Through an experimental montage, inspired by the writers' personal sketchbooks, the original materials, kept in a drawer and then digitised, are mixed together, proposing new readings and free associations in an evocative and kaleidoscopic journey that celebrates the story of an artist and his tireless and disruptive creativity. Thanks to the testimonies of some of Paolo's friends, protagonists of the Neapolitan Hip Hop scene in different eras, a very important fragment of the Italian history of a social and cultural phenomenon that has spread throughout the world emerges.