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The Bridges of Graffiti

144 pages
28.1 x 28.4 cm
Language: English/Italian
Publisher: Giorgio De Mitri
Edition of 2015, numbered
In 2015, for the first time, graffiti culture has been officially part of the Venice Biennale, thanks to The Bridges of Graffiti exhibition (May 9th-November 22th 2015). Eron, Futura, Doze Green, Todd James, Jayone, Mode 2, Skki ©, Teach, Boris Tellegen and Zero-T worked together for the first time, next to Henry Chalfant and Martha Cooper historical photographs and to a bookshow, which displays a large selection of books and fanzines documenting this culture through its many metamorphoses.
The catalog of this exhibition offers a complete overview on this project, from its premises and the choice to restore the San Basilio terminal, to a large selection of photographs documenting the work of the artists involved. Finally, a complete list of the books and fanzines showed would offer to anyone the chance to enhance his knowledge of this amazing street culture.