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FREE SHIPPING in France from €100. Europe from €150.

JB Rock & Diamond - Roma Omnia Vincit

40 pages
Text(s) by Marta Gargiulo
31 x 24 cm
Language: English
Publisher: Drago

The first book by JB Rock and Diamond bears two distinctive covers celebrating each artist whilst creating a single space where the friends and collaborators can bring their unique iconography together.  The two artists masterfully juxtapose their works with the architecture that defines Rome in a beautiful fusion between old and new, eternal and ephemeral.
Whilst both artists choose to focus their fascination on voluptuous images of women, the two differ in their execution. JB Rock’s subjects often display raw, primal instincts through vibrant displays of luminous colour, whilst Diamond’s art is more classical, refined and intricate. Whilst their styles may differ, both names are equally synonymous with the streets of Rome. Their impact is as hard as rock and as sharp as diamond.
“They have infiltrated the streets of the Eternal City and covered her walls with their Burlesque Punk scenes, images filled with sensual young girls whose flesh has been covered in the words and symbols of cryptic tattoos.” -Marta Gargiulo.