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FREE SHIPPING in France from €100. Europe from €150.

Vintage Grading Format

We use the Goldmine grading format for our vintage items.

This norm helps you figure out precisely in what condition a vintage item is sold on our online shop. Here is a quick explanation of the different grades and what you should expect from the items.

The goldmine grading guide is commonly used for grading vinyl records, we chose to adapt this system for our books as it is widely used, known and trusted. Learn more about the Goldmine Grading Guide.



The item is absolutely perfect in every way. It is possible that it has never been leafed through or opened.


The item is nearly perfect. The item shows no obvious signs of use. It has no fold, seam splits, scratches, or noticeable similar defects.


The item will show some signs that it was opened and leafed through. Surface may show some signs of use such as slight scuffs or very light scratches, slightly turned-up corners.


The item's defects will be more pronounced. The cover and inside pages may be marred by writing or have tape, stickers, and residue attached. There may be obvious scratches and cuts. However, a VG item does not have all these problems at the same time.


An item in Good condition can be read without problems, but may have significant defects and visible wear and tear. The cover and pages have scratches or tears, especially on the spine. Tapes, writing, or other defects are also present.


The item is warped, broken, and it is complicated to leaf through it. The cover and inside pages may be broken, water damaged, or severely damaged by wear and tear or writing. The cover and inside pages may be detached or missing.