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FREE SHIPPING in France from €100. Europe from €150.

Fundamental - Expansions


110 pages
Photos by Curve, Imos, Ces, Zetal, Noxer, Jurne, Dmote,, Yes2 and Egs
25.5 x 20 cm
Language: English
Publisher: Scrawlmart
Edition of 400 copies

"Fundamental Expansions", published by Scrawlmart, features the work of ten writers known as much for their graffiti as their talent for discovering new modes of expression: CURVE, IMOS, CES, ZETAL, NOXER, JURNE, DMOTE, SP.ONE, YES2, and EGS. Ten graffiti artists who each have a solid foundation in writing culture and aesthetics, and have exhibited these qualities prolifically in public. Consequently, each artist has built off the fundamentals of their own graffiti experience and have in effect uniquely expanded on them -not only in the public forum but in private as well, in the form of studio works in various mediums. With photo submissions from each featured artist, we have arranged a visual vibe voyage overly abundant in ocular enjoyment.