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Cynthia Arvide Sousa - Muros Somos. 33 murales con historia


208 pages
Edited by Cynthia Arvide Sousa
29 x 20.7 cm
Language: Spanish
Hardback or Paperback
Publisher: Self-published
First edition

Muros Somos. 33 murales con historia, the new book by journalist Cynthia Arvide, compiles and presents 33 urban mural projects by Mexican artists from around the world.

Each work is presented with high quality photographs and texts that describe the history of creation, the social context, information about the artist and his technique, as well as little known details about the pieces.
This book is organized in three sections: local identity, social issues and environment. The murals allow us to discover not only the artists but also the common themes that are manifested on the walls of the cities and that are a reflection of a particular time and place.

Mural projects by: Said Dokins, Adry del Rocío, Farid Rueda, Dagoz, Mazatl, Dan ‘Pólvora1” y Laite, Óscar Axo, Came Moreno, Rubén Carrasco, Adrián Takano, Secreto Rebollo, Tlacolulokos, Mina Romero, Los Calladitos, Hidrock, Ale Poiré, Duek, Eva Bracamontes, David de León, Janín Nuz, Himed, Spaik, Cix, Leo Monzoy, Seher One, Areúz, Dherzu Uzala, Alegría del Prado, Edgar ‘Bacalao’, Carlos Alberto GH, Oliver Casillas, Paola Delfín, Curiot, Goal Maya y Ryper, Sr. Papá Chango.