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FREE SHIPPING in France from €100. Europe from €150.

Der Edelstein – Wand


100 pages
Photograph(s) by Emmett Edelstein
29.7 x 21 cm
Language: German, English
Publisher: Der Edelstein

"A look at Berlin walls and the way they change due to various factors. In addition, artists and interested parties provide small texts“.

In this print publication the Berlin located photographer Emmett Edelstein pays attention to a subject which is noticeably underrepresented in magazines and books on the German capital’s graffiti scene: walls. Certain writers seem to explore backyards, abandoned buildings, tunnels and vacant lots to find the perfect place for their pieces, often far away from crowded street spots. As a passionate adventurer Emmett tracks down these sometimes hidden spots and captures the works in his unique photographic style.

Wand does not only show pieces, but every photo seems to guide your attention to the beauty of the walls themselves. Influences like weather, the buff, construction works, fading, crossing or even the rearrangement of mobile surfaces which appear when a spot is visited several times are recorded in the photographs.

On 100 pages selected shots are thoughtful arranged and accompanied by texts from SPAIR, DRUM88, Markus Mai, Joachim Spurloser, Osif Seiksuh, LILLI & MAGIC, P. Vector Codierer and Carsten from the Graffitiarchiv. Featured artists are ROGER, BAMBOO, MAGIC, AKIM, LOFK, GATE, MR.IX, EXOT, HEZHT, BUS126, ZAUER, COST, LES, FISO, CLINT176 and more.