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VNA - Very Nearly Almost #24


162 pages
Edited by George Macdonald
Language: English
Publisher: Very Nearly Almost magazine

Very Nearly Almost is a UK-based independent magazine printed quarterly which features interviews with some of the world’s best urban artists, illustrators and photographers. VNA tracks everything from the wheatpastes, paint and stencils out there on the streets through to gallery shows and events that bring together artists from around the world.
VNA issue 24 is here with London’s secretive living legend, Paul Insect, gracing our front cover. Paul, who remains something of an enigma in the street art scene, discusses everything from his bronze Playboy Bunny skeleton creations to his predilection for pottery. This in-depth interview is nestled amongst the usual eclectic mix of street arty goodness, from exciting newcomers to seasoned award-winners, from American cartoonists to Iranian muralists. All of this is, of course, accompanied by the inimitable array of snaps from city streets in London, Dublin and Toronto.
Other artists featured in this issue include sometimes controversial, urban artist Matt Small, who’s received some stick in the past for his renditions of what people would call ‘chavs’ in a high-art style, plus Irish ex-pat illustrator Oliver Jeffers, who now lives and creates unique picture books and fine art with a twist across the pond. We also take a look at the Graffuturist art movement from the perspective of the artists that live and breathe it, including an in-depth visit to the annals of Jaybo Monk’s brain. Low-brow urban vinyl maestro Tim Biskup talks punk rock, Disneyland, and gig poster art. We also caught up with Dutch fine artist Joram Roukes, saucy skateboard deck artist Jacob Ovgren, and took a trip to the desert to bring you photos from an exclusive shoot with graffers including previous cover artist Insa.
Contents: Jacob ‘Jakke’ Ovgren, Joram Roukes, Matt Small, Mehdi Ghadyanloo, Eleven, Paul Insect, Tim Biskup, Desert Mission, Jaybo Monk, Jon Burgerman, Olivier Jeffers, Ojey, Graffuturism