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FREE SHIPPING in France from €100. Europe from €150.

Blackbook 02 – Abis


144 pages
Edited by Ilovegraffiti
21 x 29.7 cm
Language: English
Publisher: Red Tower Publishing

With this second BLACKBOOK, we offer an intensive insight into 30 years of trainwriting - by and with the graffiti writer ABIS. ABIS belongs to the second graffiti generation in Potsdam, a suburb of Berlin, as he describes his home. His focus quickly turned to the tunnels and railway sidings of the neighboring German capital. Here he will spray countless trains over the next 30 years, investing a significant part of his life in the perfect preparation, the often very fast execution and the documentation of the countless panels and Wholecars. ABIS is one of the few trainwriters in Germany who has always been on the move and has seemingly never stopped. Therefore, we have not taken the easy way out in compiling this book, with the aim of summarizing such a long period in an appropriate and representative way. This book contains over 400 carefully selected photos from his private archives dating back to the nineties. In addition to photos, ABIS shares thoughts and stories about important periods and events, combined with guest contributions from graffiti writer friends such as KEAS, AREA, LION, ROY, DENIS and KONE. This BLACKBOOK 02 documents one of Germany's most dedicated train writers, active since 1992 under various names, mainly known for his high productivity and quality of graffiti on trains: ABIS - from the BAD CREW!