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Andrew Emery - Write Lines: Adventures in Rap Journalism


288 pages
Text(s) by Andrew Emery
20.3 x 12.7 cm
Language: English
Publisher: Velocity Press

Having failed at rapping, what's next for an endlessly passionate rap nerd? In this sequel to acclaimed memoir Wiggaz With Attitude, it turns out what's next is a sometimes controversial career in rap journalism. Write Lines: Adventures in Rap Journalism tells the tale of hip-hop writing from the inside.

From death threats, to interviewing Lauryn Hill while she's in the shower. From calling Jay-Z a c*** to his face, to letting a notorious rapper sleep in his bath, it's a hilarious, anecdotestudded tale that takes in hip-hop's first ever magazine and lifts the lid on rivalries, squabbles and how music journalism really works.

Brutally honest, endlessly opinionated, this story is also a love letter to hip-hop as it changed seismically through the decades. Write Lines charts those changes from the front line through encounters with many of the greats of rap: Chuck D, Missy Elliott, RZA, Eminem, Jazzy Jeff and Gang Starr among them. This is an unfiltered tale of hip-hop that is both heartfelt and scabrously funny.