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Matt Anniss - Join the Future: Bleep Techno and the Birth of British Bass Music


432 pages
Text(s) by Matt Anniss
19.7 x 12.8
Language: English
Publisher: Velocity Press

Matt Anniss's critically acclaimed alternative history of UK dance music in the acid house era returns in updated and expanded form. Named by Rolling Stone UK as one of the best books on British music culture, Join The Future puts forward a persuasive new argument about the origins of UK club culture's longrunning love affair with bass. Since the dawn of the 1990s, Britain's dancefloors have moved to a string of styles built around skeletal rhythms and heavy sub-bass, including breakbeat hardcore, jungle, drum & bass, dubstep, UK garage, grime and bassline. Yet another previously overlooked sound pre-dated them all: bleep and bass, or bleep techno, the first distinctly British form of electronic dance music.