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FREE SHIPPING in France from €100. Europe from €150.

136 Minutes of Malmö


68 pages
Photograph(s) by Sascha Blasche
21 x 14.8 cm
Language: English
Publisher: Hitzerot

Common publications on graffiti on freight trains in Europe show curated works. Usually the content, whether photos send in by the writers or taken by the publishers, does not give a representative view on the topic. The result is a rather distorted image of the actual scene. In 136 Minutes of Malmö a different and more comprehensive method was chosen to approach an authentic picture of the freight writing scene.

In autumn of 2019 freight spotting enthusiast Sascha Blasche did visit the freight yard in Malmö, Sweden for one afternoon. As it is one of the biggest freight train hubs in Northern Europe he expected to be able to get a few shots within the given time frame of 2,5 hours. The outcome is a 68-paged softcover zine that mimics a writer’s stroll through the lines of wagons on that specific day.

With the intention to capture everything that is painted on the trains, the viewer is now able to judge for herself/himself on who peaks out through quality and/or quantity. All photos are sorted by the exact time when they have been taken, only separated into a chapter for monikers and ordinary graffiti writing.

The minutes (which also means protocol) include works from: HSM, MOBY, KISS, LIPS84, MARR, HALR, NOR, NAOST, CARS, OASE, NEU, VELS, BRO, RITA, TEARS, INO, SPACE, DREK, 2PAC, PLUSS, CPUX, HEOR, P.D.P., ZONKE73, and many more.