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Der Edelstein – Hinterhof


100 pages
Photograph(s) by Emmett Edelstein
29.7 x 21 cm
Language: German, English
Publisher: Der Edelstein

With Hinterhof (courtyard) Berlin based photographer Emmett Edelstein adds a third tilte to his Der Edelstein magazine series, each one spotlighting a specific field of action exclusively. After Wand from 2016 and Rauschen from 2017 now Berlin’s often hard to access courtyards are in focus. Since the 2000s these uncommon places to write gained popularity to Berlin writers like SPAIR, DIZZY, KRIPOE, HESHT or DRAMA.

Unlike choosing the best visible street spots, rooftops or even trains for tags and pieces the courtyard offers a totally different concept. The interested writer and/or photographer has to get access to a far more private place of the city. Strolling Berlin city and exploring courtyards is a subgenre of its own. Finding unknown pieces, tags or little notes in the staircase becomes some kind of reward to its finder. The intended limitation of the possible audience creates a closer relation to the works, which often hide in the most unusual sites.

Through the past 14 years Emmett Edelstein did visit countless of these spots and captured writers traces in his unique photographic style. The Hinterhof magazine invites us to join his explorations while each photo comes with the street name as well as the month and year when it has been taken.

The 100-paged softcover is accompanied by five poems from Stefan Wartenberg and a text by THAKI68. Featured writers are EXOT, CAUSE, 2PAC, LOFK, AKIM, KLOPS, TECHR, ROGER, ROZER, MAGIC, CLINT176, MIKADO, IGIT, BLUFF152, BUS126, EHSO, MR.IX, FISO, ZAUER, PEPS, LES MISERABLES, VOKAL, ZASD, THATZ, and many more.