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Diamonds – Moving Cathedrals


180 pages
Text(s) by Larissa Kikol and Tobias Barenthin Lindblad
Photograph(s) by Emmett Edelstein
32.6 x 24.6 cm
Language: German, English
Publisher: Hitzerot

The Berlin based DIAMONDS crew is a collective of writers who made a name for themselves by traditional stylewriting careers. When the group formed in the late 2000s each member brought in ideas and practices which went far beyond usual writing. The DIAMONDS are best known for their often large collaborative wall productions. Moving Cathedrals focuses on a series of works in which the crew and friends cooperated to bring this concept to another level. In fact: Several S-Bahn wholecars that got painted within the last three years.

By choosing a classic writing surface and format for their activities, the trains got by far more attention as the group’s productions from former years. It turns out the abstract works seem to be made for rolling wagons and confrontation with passengers in everyday traffic. Painting on these surfaces and in a way more limited amount of time might add a certain authenticity to them as well.

Moving Cathedrals mainly consists of traffic shots from the painted S-Bahn cars, which sometimes have been in traffic for days or only a few hours. Different than letter pieces these canvas-like giants demanded a different type of photographic documentation by several photographers. Close-up shots were as important as photos from the inside as well as pictures in which the doors rearranged the whole works again.

A group text provides an insight view into the writers’ thoughts on taking part in the collaborative process and giving up artistic sovereignty at the same time. Three essays allow a spectator’s point of view: Larissa Kikol gives an art historic analysis of the works while Tobias Barenthin Lindblad puts the series in a history of abstract graffiti from FUTURA2000, SKKI to the Club of Rome and AKAY. Emmett Edelstein takes us on an authentic photo trip through the city in one of the wholecars.

The 180-paged book is an in-depth catalogue to non-authorized exhibitions of works that remained only for a few hours. Besides the unique content the book comes with beautiful details like an debossed hardcover, oversize format and two different kinds of paper. A true gem, not only for print lovers!