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234 pages
31 x 22 cm 
Language: English
Publisher: Parad Publishing
First edition of 300 copies

"Amidst the current saturated image economy, entangled streams of information systematically exclude certain voices. Eyes grow dull, starved as they are of images that are sincere, images prone to interfere with the manufacture of our sensibilities. The photographers contributing to this volume are spread across three continents, in contrasting climates and cultures. Each of them explore the societies they navigate in all their specificity. Still, in this volume, their work finds resonance through a shared commitment to document subcultures underrepresented in dominant media narratives.

The realities they capture have not been sanitized or simplified. If at times the accounts are uncomfortable to sit with, this is in keeping with the matters they expose. The daily threat of isolation can erode a person's sense of security over time. Yet, there are those who only grow bolder in their efforts to foster community, and within them forge a singular style. Emerging from these images is the sense that the subcultures documented exist on their own terms. They do not wait in the hope of one day being acknowledged or understood by nations they are at odds with. They seek home in the present tense, amidst a confusion of conflicting influences" (Spencer Bambrough).