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Str3tmatic Vol. 1 - Lisboa


78 pages
Photograph(s) by Hello Suzuki a.k.a. Str3tmatic
21 x 14.7 cm
Language: Portuguese, English
Publisher: Self-published
Fifth edition

Str3tmatic Vol. 1 - Lisbon is a compilation of analog photos captured during Str3tmatic's time in the city between 2021 and 2022. Upon moving to Lisbon, he was fascinated by its rich history and diverse architecture, which combines the classic and urban. Every corner revealed opportunities to capture memorable moments, rekindling his old passion for photography. With the camera always at hand, he started documenting everyday life in Lisbon and my adventures worldwide, exploring the beauty of the architecture and local customs.

These compiled photos reflect not only the visual aesthetic of the city but also the personal narrative behind each shot. The series Str3tmatic Vol. 1 - Lisbon is a photographic record and an authentic expression of my emotional connection with this place and its unique atmosphere. Each image tells a story, capturing not only buildings and landscapes but also experiences and emotions experienced during my journey in Lisbon and beyond.