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FREE SHIPPING in France from €100. Europe from €150.

Vladislav Semenov - Holy Rus

242 pages
Edited by Vladislav Semenov, Julian Zimmerman, Ksenia Zimmermann
Foreword by Emlie Delcambre Hirsch
Photograph(s) by Vladislav Semenov
30 x 24.5 cm
Language: English, Russian
Publisher: Vladislav Semenov
First Edition of 500 copies


Some 30 years after the downfall of communism, Vladislav Semenov reveals the bittersweet side of a post-Soviet world riddled with paradoxes: oscillating between hypermodernity and folk traditions, disproportionate wealth and extreme poverty, kitsch and classicism, religiosity and consumerism.

With derision but not without tenderness, Vladislav Semenov highlights the incoherencies and the sometimes tragicomic absurdity of everyday situations encountered by the ordinary people, whether they be revelers, old folks, tourists, fervent patriots or the homeless.

Initially begun as a travel log, the series evolves into a personal diary, summarizing the artist’s both mental and physical trip through his homeland, as if he was trying to reconnect the strands of his origins.

All proceeds from the book sale will be donated to Nochlezhka that supports homeless people in Russia ; preface by Emilie Delcambre Hirsch.