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Sneakers Unboxed - Studio to Street

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192 pages
Edited by Alex Powis
21 x 14.3 cm
Language: English
Publisher: Design Museum

Today's leading designers on the creation and the future of sneakers worldwide

This is the first book to gather leading designers, creators and industry insiders to reflect on sneaker design and its groundbreaking impact on popular culture. Contributors provide insights into the evolution of sneakers from sportswear to style icons, the processes and people involved in sneaker design and its global future. Through conversations with the people directly involved in the creation of sneakers, it speaks to the next generation of sneaker designers and wearers by asking: who are the people involved in the design of a sneaker? How do their roles and approaches differ? How does their individual work contribute to the collective effort of making a sneaker? What will the future of sneaker design be?
Richly illustrated, Sneakers Unboxed includes iconic sneakers, drawings, sketches and prototypes, as well as glimpses into the manufacturing process. Across three chapters--Style and Culture, People and Processes, Innovation and the Future--the approaches and experience of industry leaders unfold the past, present and future of sneakers as style icons and cultural facilitators. Contributors turn to the next generation of designers, providing a manifesto to move the industry toward a more positive direction for both the people and the planet.

Designers include: Alexander Taylor, Andrea Nieto, Asha Harper, Ben Cottrell, Benjamin Grenet, Carly McKenzie, Charlotte Lee, Chris Hill, Chris Law, Chris Severn, Daniel Taylor, David Raysse, Franck Boistel, Helen Kirkum, Jacques Chassaing, Jean Khalifé, Jean-Philippe Lalonde, Joe Foster, Juliana Sagat, Kirsten Schambra, Marina Chedel, Matthew Dainty, Muriel Jung, Nic Galway, Nicole McLaughlin, Peter Fogg, Peter Moore, Rian Pozzebon, Romain Girard, Ryan Forsyth, Sam Handy, Samuel Pearce, Samuel Ross, Sara Jaramillo, Stephanie Howard, Steve McDonald, Steven Smith, Susi Proudman, Till Jagla, Tom Astrella and Tuan Le.