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FREE SHIPPING in France from €100. Europe from €150.

1Tox #7

Sold out

16 pages
30 x 23.2 cm
Language: French
January/February 1993

A copy of issue 7 of 1Tox.

First French magazine dedicated to graffiti and rap (American and French). Founded in 1991, 1Tox left a deep mark on a whole generation that fell in love with the hip-hop movement. The magazine is a continuation of a book published at the same time: Paris Tonkar. A large part is left to Parisian graffiti with photographs of many frescoes (Nasty, Psy, Mode 2, Bando, Slice, Deuce, Chase…) but also news on rap (NTM, IAM, Assassin, Saï-Saï , Les Little, Mc Solaar, Ministère AMER, Les Sages Poètes de la rue, House of Pain, Gangstarr, Public Enemy…), record reviews, interviews, files (the Pit-Bulls, the skateboard , the survival of Vinyl, rap in London…), all edited with a model very close to the fanzine spirit.